Nice, France Travel Guide

How to get there, travel time, travel costs, and my top 10 places to visit while there!

Nice, pronounced (niece), is probably my most favourite city in France. It has everything a traveler could ask for. Beaches, delicious food, kind joyful people, and stunning sunsets. Not to mention the incredibly colourful buildings! Additionally, it has extremely affordable train lines that can let you see the French Rivera!

How to get there?

Nice is located in the south eastern region of France, which is quite far from its capital. However, France’s incredibly well connected train and airlines make it simple and easy to travel around France.

Option 1) By Speed Train
Nice Ville Train Station

Speed trains are probably my favourite option when travelling in a different country. You get to see less tourists, travel through nature and small towns that you just won’t see if you are on an airplane. The most popular speed train companies include TGV and SNCF.

(All prices and travel times indicated below are from Paris to Nice)

Travel Time:

Day trains take approximately 5.5-7 hours one way

Night trains take upwards of 11h hours one way

Similarly to Airports, try to arrive at least 30 minutes early to either go through security (if applicable) or find your way to the correct platform and train.


~ $150CAD – $200CAD Roundtrip for my Canadian audience

~$112USD – $150USD Roundtrip for my American audience

~105€ – 140€ Roundtrip for my European audience

You can buy these tickets through

However, a possible cheaper option if you will be exploring more than one city in France or a trip to Europe would be buying a “Eurail Pass” (only available for non-europeans). These prices can vary due to how many days you will use a train, if it is only one country or multiple countries, and if it requires a paid seat reservation or not.

Option 2) Travel by Airplane

Airplanes are probably the most fastest and sometimes even cheapest travel options within countries in Europe or between them.

Travel Time:

1.5 Hours nonstop


~ $115CAD – $200CAD Roundtrip

~$85USD – $150USD Roundtrip

~78€ – 140€ Roundtrip

As indicated above these prices are nearly identical to the train option. However, take into consideration that the Eurail pass could possibly be the same cost too but allow you to travel to more places by train.

What to see?

Nice is filled with stunning views, beautiful colourful architecture, and easy to walk to attractions.

1) Place Masséna

Bright red buildings, black and white tiles, small restaurants, and stunning archways Place Masséna is considered the “centre” of Nice.

2) Monument to the Dead of Rauba-Capeù

This monument engraved inside of a beautiful small rocky mountain is a beautiful place to get away from the busy streets of Place Masséna, and enjoy the quiet beauty of this amazing mountain.

3) Ballanda Tower View-Point

Climb up the stairs and enjoy the most beautiful views of Nice. You can see everything from the far hills of afar, the somewhat busy streets, and the beautiful ocean and beaches. My most favourite spot of all of Nice!

4) Basilique Notre-Dame de l’Assomption

The Basilique Notre-Dame of Nice takes many similarities with the Notre-Dame in Paris. However, unlike the one in Paris, this has amazing white stones and can glow up at night too!

5) Chapelle de la Miséricorde

Another one of Nice’s stunning architectural beauties. The bright yellow Chapelle just screams to get its photo taken! Just look at those radiant colours!

6) Cours Saleya

Beside the Chapelle de la Miséricorde there is a fantastic little street filled with outdoor shops, markets, and restaurants. A great place to try delicious food, to see colourful buildings, and buy handmade souvenirs.

7) Opéra Plage

Beautiful bright white buildings, tall lush palm trees, and sparkling blue water at the beach. A must see!

8) Palais Rusca and Palais de Justice

This plaza at night lights up not only in colours, but also in the many joyful souls dancing together. A must see if you would like a local experience and to possibly dance too.

9) Promenade des Anglais

A nice walking path to take in the views of Nice. Palm trees, beach views, and colourful buildings. Perfect place for a quick stroll to take in the small yet beautiful city of Nice.

10) Port de Nice

And lastly, a quick walk away from the beach is Port de Nice. Splendid restaurant’s, bright vibrant buildings, another beautiful church, and tremendously charming views. Port de Nice has it all!

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